Works in Progress

Short-Term Projects (Secondary Data Analysis):

  • Why is There an Urban Self-Rated Health Advantage in China?
    • with Hongwei Xu
  • Self-Rated Health and Gender: How Important are our Methodological Choices?
    • with Megan Todd and Hongwei Xu
  • Economic Shocks, Seasonal Patterns and the Spread of Close-Contact Infectious Diseases in the US: Evidence from Time Use Data
    • with Emilio Zhagheni
  • The Stress of Keeping Up with the Wangs: Do Psychosocial Factors Mediate the Association Between Subjective Social Status and Health?
    • with Hongwei Xu


Projects involving primary data collection:

 Demography and Population Health Training and Research Project

Since the summer of 2015, I have been a co-investigator in a project to obtain demographic and health data on four slum communities that border the GHESKIO clinic ( The initial pilot survey is currently underway. The survey contains questions on household demographic composition, migration history, mortality, anthropometry, and infectious and non-communicable diseases.

Source: DigitalGlobe Foundation

Rural Electrification: Health and Welfare

Together with Professor Jason Kerwin of Applied Economics, I am partnering with Earthspark International to measure the health and economic impacts of reliable access to electricity.

Earthspark is an organization that provides electric power to rural communities in Haiti. Earthspark’s microgrids bring entire communities reliable power that suffices to run businesses and operate appliances, and which operate without blackouts or brownouts.